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The video for Immigrant Union’s ‘War is Peace’ is a darkly humorous take on a fictional home shopping channel geared towards selling products to ‘global tyrants.’ Australian video director, Dale Bartlett, came up with the idea after hearing the song and discussing it’s lyrical content with Union singer, Brent DeBoer. DeBoer explained that after living in Australia for five years, he had gained new perspective on his favorite place in the world, The United States. He felt as if America was slowly committing suicide through costly and highly questionable wars that seemingly only benefit a tiny fraction the global elite, while the 99.9 percent slave away to pay their bills. Bartlett asked DeBoer if he would host a show for the video where he sold various items to these shadowy characters and he agreed. The result is DeBoer playing the character of John D. Ranged who keeps the business of selling deadly weapons and instruments of covert assassination light and entertaining for the customers who want to believe that what they are doing is okay because ‘killing is simplified.’

Watch it HERE.