Check out our new single ‘Watch My Mouth’, a teaser from a forthcoming third album,which we are pretty sure is going to be called, Judas.”

‘Watch My Mouth’ was recorded between the homes of co-frontmen Brent DeBoer and Bob
Harrow. It was written by Brent while he toured during 2016 with his “other band”, The Dandy
Warhols. It was mixed in Melbourne by The Dandy’s frontman, Courtney Taylor Taylor while he
was in town on a recent Australian tour as well as Union’s engineer Fever Holmes.

This year has also seen Immigrant Union sign a new management deal with Ted and Nikki
Gardner who also manage The Brian Jonestown Massacre, amongst others.
Judas, is almost complete and it’s going to be a fucking trip.
But for now, here’s ‘Watch My Mouth’
Immigrant Union- ‘Watch My Mouth’